Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Pre Order Prize Preview - Times Three!

We're almost done with the prizes, and I'm going to be putting several together today.  Possibly tomorrow too :-)  Very soon, we'll be back to our normal lives, posting informative things.  We're looking forward to that too.
This is our version of crowd-funding, in case you've been wondering.  Although we've been around for a long time, we're still a very small family business, and getting a huge book like this printed is a major deal for us.  We gritted our teeth, crossed our fingers, and announced that we'd be doing it, hoping we'd be able to sell and pay for them before delivery, when the bill comes due.  So that's why I (that's me, personally, Tina) have been so annoying this month.  We're very proud of this book, and the deal that we're offering is great, so get your copy before Nov. 10th.

Today's prize previews:

First we have another prize from The Backyard Patch

A set of our new Salt-free dressing mixes.  We have 5 different mixes we will package as a set with recipes for additional uses.
Need them right now?  You can order them HERE

Next up, Lee's Teas
A miraculous marriage of Lees Teas All Natural Chocolate and Organic Herbal Peppermint teas - a truly invigorating pick-me-up treat Materials: organic peppermint, organic black tea, cacao nibs, cocoa shells, chocolate chips.  One ounce, 15-20 servings
Need it now?  Order it HERE

Lastly (today), another set of soaps:

3 Celtic Knot molded soaps.  One of a kind, because I pour them at the end of batches, so they are usually layered.  You can't order these - we made them just for the drawing.

Monday, October 27, 2014

Pre-Order Prize Preview - Herbs from the Labyrinth

This is the final week of prize previews, and then Molly and I go back to our usual posts of recipes, tutorials, woods walks, and miscellaneous herbie stuff.  "Through the Seasons" is currently being printed, and we're clearing space for over 100 cases of books.  This space thing is something I learned after we got our first big book (Under the Sun) printed, and learned all over again when we did the mini-mag promo a year or so ago.  The pre-order sale is running until November 10th, so get your copy now!

Today's prize preview comes from Herbs from the Labyrinth:

Luscious Face Cream
Quite possibly the most deeply nourishing and hydrating cream your skin will ever experience! Our most popular item, this is a fabulous night and day moisturizer to quench your thirsty skin! Includes apricot, coconut and rosehip seed oils, aloe vera, rose hydrosol, beeswax and pure essential oils. No artificial preservatives, no parabens. A little goes a long way!
Need it today?  Order it HERE

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Pre-Order Prize Preview - Backyard Patch

 We've got about 6 more days of prize previews, and then we'll take a break at the end of the month, and the drawing will take place November 10th.  By then, I believe the truck will have delivered skids of boxes of books.  Be sure you've placed your order for "Through the Seasons" by the 10th to take advantage of the freebies and a chance in the drawing.  To read about the details or to order your copy, visit

Today's prize preview comes from one of our regular writers, Marcy Lautanen Raleigh of
The Backyard Patch

In a box with tissue and fluff are three shortbread mixes to which you only need to add butter.  Won't they be handy to have around the house over the holidays?
If you simply must have them now, you can order them here

Friday, October 24, 2014

Pre-Order Drawing - Farm at Coventry

 We're going over the proof right now, and the book will go to press on Monday.  It looks like we'll start packing them up to mail sometime between the 9th and 12th of November.  The Herb Puzzle PDF booklet will be emailed out to book purchasers on November 1st.  That'll give you something to do until the book arrives!  Only 17 more days of this very special deal.  Get the details here:

Here's today's prize preview for those in the drawing:

Faux' Joe (pronounced Fo-Jo) is a roasted grain, root and bark beverage & delicious, caffeine-free alternative to coffee! Not an instant, this granulated brew-able blend works well in a standard coffee maker, cappuccino machine or French press.
Faux’ Joe is a rich, dark, healthful blend of:
  • malted barley blend
  • chicory root
  • dandelion root
  • with just a hint of carob, coconut & cinnamon.
Enjoy your Faux’ Joe straight up or serve with warm, frothy milk for a yummy “Faux’-cuccino!” Fantastic chilled and served with ice & Cream ! The possibilities are endless…Brew up a cup!
8 oz. bag
Need to order it now?  You can do, from Farm at Coventry HERE:  

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Pre-Order Drawing - Winged Seed

We're celebrating  here today.  Just sent the "Through the Seasons" file off to print, and were assured that there would be no problem delivering within our time frame.  LOVE our local printing company. We wound up with a 10 page (3 columns, 8 pt) index!  You won't believe how much is in this book.  We're very proud of it.  Get your copy at
The pre-ordering sale will continue until November 10.

Here is today's preview of one of the prizes that all those pre-ordering the book will be in the running for:

The CALMA™ Eye Pillow is therapeutically weighted to calm and soothe eyes, reduce headaches and promote rest and sleep. Filled with flax seed that is pre-infused with our Calma™ Essential Oil Synergy, it is aromatherapy at its best. Comes in a reusable container for storing your eye pillow when not in use to preserve the intensity of the aromatic synergy. It also comes with a refill vial of CALMA™ Essential Oil Synergy and directions to refresh and revive the scented flax seed. Each is made from sturdy, but soft 100% cotton, featuring a lovely flower pattern representing one of our state flowers, with a head strap to keep secure throughout the night.
Can't wait and want it today?  Order it from

Details of the benefits of pre-ordering are on our website.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Pre-Order Drawing - Magazine Subscriptions!

Still making up for the weekend here.
The drawing for those purchasing "Through the Seasons" going to be amazing.  As of yesterday, there were 35 GREAT prizes, and we're adding another 3 today - and there are still 9 more days of previews.  Pre-order your copy today, HERE

Today we're throwing in 3 subscriptions of The Essential Herbal.

In the US, they will be print subscriptions.  Outside the US, they'll be the PDF version.  If you win and already subscribe, we'll just tack it on to the end.
The book is truly jam-packed.  I can scarcely believe we got all that information into 440 pages.  But the source of all that wonderfulness is the magazine, so it seems fitting that we award a few subscriptions.

Still not clear on the deal?

And here's what it looks like:

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Pre-Order Drawing - 12 Must Have Herbs

We ended up with right around 450 pages in "Through the Seasons."  There was some serious nudging and squeezing going on, and watching Maryanne find space for illustrations was like watching a magician at work.  Finishing the index today, and then off to the printer!  Order yours today - only 20 days left to take advantage of the pre-order perks!

I missed a couple postings over the weekend, and promised that I'd make up for it, so today I have TEN of this item to award during the Nov 10 drawing.

"12 Must Have Herbs to Grow and Use" by Michele Brown of Possum Creek Herb Farm is a great little book (with beautiful color illustrations throughout) that is full of tips for the herb gardener. 10 people will find this book next to their copy of  "Through the Seasons" when it arrives in the mail.

In case you don't know the perks...


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