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July August 2019 Essential Herbal

Field Notes from the Editor, Tina Sams
All kinds of changes going on, and appreciating all plants.

About the Artist – Carolina Gonzolez                                                                     
All in the Family, Pt 2, Jackie Johnson
In this issue, we learn about Lamiaceae and Solanaceae.                                       
Plant Parenthood, Miranda Hoodenpyl
How is the new generation communing with herbs?                                               
Garlic Mustard, Friend or Destroyer of Trees, Lorie Middendorf                         
You can view it either way, but here are lots of ways to make use of

 this wildly prolific weed.
Herbs for the Perinatal Period Pt 2 - Doulaing with Herbs, 
Danielle Bergum 
Terrific information and helpful recipes for those approaching birth. 
The relaxing remedies are good for everyone.                 
When is a Perennial Not a Perennial, Kathy Musser
Just when you had the annual/perennial thing figured out…                                  
Summer Herbs for Winter, Marcy Lautanen-Raleigh
Creative ways to preserve herbs, beyond drying!                                                    
Blue Oat Smoothie, Book Excerpt, Tina Sams
From the Oat chapter of my book The Healing Power of Herbs.                            
A Garden Journey - The Fruit Tree Guild, Rebekah Bailey
Like most humans, fruit trees do better in a community.                                       
Catnip, Not Just for Cats, S. Marie Carlson
Keep some of that catnip for your family.  Find out how and why!                         
Guarding Goldenseal, Kristine Brown
In this installment of Kristine’s series on at-risk plants, 

goldenseal is the star.      
Herbal Hempster Soap, Marci Tsohonis
Luxurious healing soap using hemp oil, along with castor and 

some infused oils.  We make soap here on a daily basis, but 
Marci never fails to inspire me to follow her recipe.                                                         
Herbal Ice Cubes, Lalanya Bodenbender
Stock that freezer with delicious frozen medicine!                                                  
Three Easy Pieces, Rita Richardson
Yummy herbal recipes for summer dining, indoor or out!

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Note:  We rather hurriedly switched printers during a period of time when there was much traveling, a wedding, a new book (Living with Lavender) and a bunch of other things, including this issue.  We misunderstood a question from the printer and wound up with no table of contents, but Miranda's article is on both pages 3 and 8.  Because of that, we're sending a PDF to subscribers, whose copies are on the way.  We'll be printing an insert for the copies going to shops, writers, and any new subscribers over the next 6 to 8 weeks. 
This was a VERY unusual event.  Not trying to say we don't make mistakes every single issue, but we've never had one of this magnitude. 
We are certain that the communications will be ironed out by the next issue.  Thank you for your patience.

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