Wednesday, April 27, 2005

"steam and eat" nettles

At this particular time of year, the stinging nettle is very tender and tasty - not to mention VERY nutritious and good for all the slowness brought on by winter.
While out looking about, I alway take along garden gloves and a few baggies. Upon finding a nice thick grove of stinging nettles, on go the gloves. I pick enough for dinner and put it directly into a sturdy flat bottomed baggie.

There are two ways to proceed here. You can either sprinkle a tiny bit of water into the bag (depending on where the nettles were harvested, and whether you feel it is necessary to wash them), and place the bag - slightly open - in the microwave for a minute until the nettles are deep green.

Or remove the nettles to a pan, add a small amount of water and steam gently.

Either way, be very careful not to touch the uncooked herb, as it will sting like the Dickens! Serve plain or with a bit of butter or broth. Delicious!

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