Monday, May 30, 2005

A Rainbow Followed Me Home

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Posting twice in a day! - Wow. It was such a busy day which isn't necessarily a good thing :-), but after the flea market it was off to a family picnic. When that ended, the kids went inside to watch Star Wars and my sister and I finished the book we've been working on about using herbs in soaps. It goes to print tomorrow, by the way.

Leaving, the sky was dark on one side and brighter on the other. I mentioned to daughter Molly that there would most likely be a rainbow if we looked for it, since it was drizzling. Sure enough! There it was. And all the way home it did this leap frog thing, so that it was always ahead of us. For a few minutes, we thought there might actually be a pot of gold on the doorstep at home, but alas, the rainbow went ahead without us.

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