Wednesday, August 17, 2005

whoosh... both feet back on the ground

It is finally settling down to some form of normal around here. All the shop copies, writer copies, and orders that piled up have been sent, almost everything has been put back in its place from the trip, and the desktop is highly visable.
The last week has me thinking about how we view "the trip". A few years ago, my sweetie read me a poem called "The Station". Its about all the things that happen, all the things that fly past the window, all the living that takes place during the trip. I can't remember if the destination is even mentioned.
I've always tried to be in the moment, to enjoy what is. It isn't always easy. It is much easier to fall prey to worries, goals, and expectations.
The last week or so has really been a reminder to try to stay present. We laughed until we cried on the trip to Chicago. Most of the things that crack me up the most wouldn't mean anything to anyone else. In a lot of ways, the drive/ride was horrendous. If we had only looked at the destination it would have been 10 times harder. We had no choice but to enjoy the scenery, compare the rest stop offerings, and nudge each other on with silliness.
That's been my thought for today. Trite perhaps, but very much on my mind.

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