Sunday, December 25, 2005

Rudolph the wonder Dog

Rudolph the wonder dog belongs to my brother in law, Bob. He's the family pet, but there can be no doubt that his heart belongs to Bob.
To understand the story of Rudy, you have to know the story of Jellybean.
Many years ago Jellybean joined the family. He was smart, brave, and a bit of a rogue. The family has a Christmas tree farm, and as soon as he was old enough it became Jellybean's job to greet each family as they arrived to choose their tree. Everyone knew him, and children adored him, looking for him and asking for him if he didn't appear.
After 12 seasons of hard work, Jellybean found his favorite spot on Christmas morning, lay down, and let out his last breath.
He had been Bob's boy too.
Eventually, the family found Rudy. This puppy had some big shoes to fill. At first it didn't look like he would be up to the challenge. He follows Bob everywhere, but while Jellybean was more serious, this little guy is very silly.
Little did we realize that Rudy was carving his own niche. He's an original, not following in footsteps, but creating his very own place. Rudy also greets the families as they arrive, and he might even help them pick the tree - but he is Bob's assistant. Rudy is a talker, and a dancer. He is aware of each and every movement in that house.
Last night as we gathered at my sister's preparing to celebrate at our brother's home, Rudy went and settled among the gifts under their tree. He knows what a gift he is.
I had to laugh when Bob started rubbing his hands together and looked at my sister with excitement asking, "can we let him open one of his presents early?'
Is there anything like a boy and his dog?

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