Saturday, January 07, 2006

Finally the Sun comes out!

It seems that it has been weeks and weeks since the sun has been able to overpower the clouds and shine down on this part of the country. It has peaked out from time to time, but as soon as I get on a jacket and open the door, it is once again cloudy.... and on occasion spritzing or sending flurries.
So today, I couldn't resist - even though I wasn't dressed warmly enough. I was happy to find the chickweed (above) peeping out from under a log, along with some garlic mustard. The overall color scheme is shades of brown, but that can make it easier to see interesting things that might go unnoticed if there were blooms and vivid foliage. Looking down at the creek, the two logs were moss covered and looked pretty in contrast to the sparkling water rushing underneath.

The cabin built over the creek is the same cabin pictured on the current cover, but without snow. My nephew - with lots of help from his Dad! - built this as a fort in his younger days and spent a lot of time reading or snoozing over the sound of the rushing water of the creek beneath him. My daughter enjoyed some days playing there also.

At some point I looked up the hill and saw this dying tree. The bark was coming off in large sheets, and the white interior wood of the tree was a stark contrast to the bark that was still hugging the tree.

Back at the creek, this creature seems to be trying to keep his feet dry above the rushing creek. I think it looks like a camel, but again, wouldn't have necessarily noticed it if there was lots of growth. It looks like there is a moss collar and leash about the neck, and at the tail there is a young fern growing.

Finally, there were these leather-like mushrooms that initially looked like fallen leaves. They were glossy in the sunlight.

It was so good to be outside and get the chance to look around. There will be lots of cold, snowy days ahead. It has been mild and wet here so far - so much so that it almost seems like spring already. But I know it isn't. I know we haven't even started winter yet here. Just for today it was fun to pretend.

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