Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Moona - Moona. Makes me Luna

The fullish moon rose over the deck last night, and helped the preceeding day make sense. The day was one long comedy of errors - from the first phone call (which left me just shaking my head) ... to finding out I'd been wearing the wrong glasses for 3 days... to the final mis-communication with my daughter. We did manage to get the magazine proof approved, make four batches of soap, several deliveries, and most likely acquired a new account, but nothing went smoothly. In the long ago, barely remembered days of my youth, I spent about a year as a police dispatcher. That was when I learned that there can be no doubt that the moon does affect us. Each 28 days there would be a surge of calls from people who had lost touch with reality. It became clear that these people had no idea what their names were - much less what phase the moon was in. Growing up, the females in my family would sometimes notice that we had all slept poorly on the same night. It took us years to figure out that none of us could sleep on full moons. Guess we should have taken up howling.

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Where fibers meet mud said...

I worked in the local Children's Hospital and we did not even have to look at a calendar because with in five minutes of the phones being turned on we knew.

Now I just enjoy them and try to be a little more watchful of my fellow traveller on the roads.


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