Sunday, March 18, 2007

just a quick hello

I've been a bad blogger!
It's been so busy around here. This time of year should be slow and easy, but that hasn't been the case at all.
We just finished up the on-line incense class, and it was really fun! I think everyone had a good time and if they haven't already, they will wind up with a couple nice batches of nice incense. It lasted a week, and the pace was perfect for me.
We thought we'd have soap into the early part of summer after all that we made for the farm show, but it looks like we need to make quite a bit. We'll be working on that in the coming days in between work on the magazine.
The next issue is in the works. We've got all the articles and ads, and we have a winning photo for the cover. We had a contest on the Yahoo group, and of the several entries, Deborah Stiffler won with a beautiful shot of violas. We'll start putting it all together in earnest tomorrow, and hope to have it off to the printer by the end of the week so it can go out in plenty of time to be there before May comes around.
We also just finished up a show. It was ugly. We have to try new things every so often, and sometimes it is just to remind ourselves to stick to our own rules. Ug!!! The foot of snow we got up here on the hill made the last day of the show particularly hairy, and we'll just put that all behind us now. Weather has not been our friend this year.

One nice herbal note - I ordered 6 blueberry bushes from Papa Geno's the other day which should ship the beginning of next month. I can't wait to get them into the ground. Molly is a nut for blueberries and will sit and eat a quart of them (without sharing, I might add). It will be lovely to have more berries than she can eat! Maybe I'll get some. I'd love to learn to make fruit leather with them, and possibly juice and paste.

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