Thursday, April 19, 2007

The Essential Herbal May/June 2007

Another fabulous issue is starting to reach subscribers!
I wrote earlier about Deborah Stiffler winning the cover contest, and this is how it turned out on a peach colored paper.
We really need to get a handle on adding pages. I'm still trying to figure that out.
It was fun getting input from readers on the cover. The cover is one of the things that was SO difficult during the early years. Back then, I didn't have a digital camera, so the covers were cut and pasted from all sorts of things. Many times I used real plants, and once the cover involved ground coffee for a particular "look". These would then be laid right onto the glass of a copier, and then different effects could be applied there.
Once, I used dried Queen Anne's Lace on black paper, and reversed the image so that the plant was black.
Oh well... a little walk down memory lane.

The Table of Contents for the next Essential Herbal

Word Find Puzzle – A Little Spring in Your Step
Field Notes from the Editor
Claire Beauchamp Memorial Garden, Judith Scarborough
….. For love of a series of books, a garden is born.
Never Enough Thyme, Susanna Reppert
….. A Floral Clock to plant
Choosing Herbal Products, Joe Smulevitz
….. How to choose the right product for your needs.
Kids Korner, Karen Hegre
…..Great ideas for getting the kids dirty!
Prolific Pleasures of Perennial Herbs, Susan Evans
…..Susan shares some favorite uses for favorite plants
Suburban Herbie, Geri Burgert
…..The secret life of a master nursery
Product Reviews, Staff
Bringing in the May, Betsy May
…..May Day Celebration ideas
Down on the Farm, Michele Brown with Pat Stewart
…..Pining for Pineapple Sage
Start Spring with Purslane, Maureen Rogers
….profile of the perfectly palatable potherb known to some as pigweed
The Myth about Wulong, Rachel Johnston
….what is this mysterious beverage?
Chronic Pain, Kate Jacomb
….A practical guide to using herbs to treat chronic pain
Chives – Joy of Spring!, Mary Ellen Wilcox
…..Enjoy this wonderful springtime herb with some delicious recipes
Rose Beads
….. Lovely scented beads, fresh from the garden
Mallow Soup Recipe, Tracy Aeillo
…..Mallow – not just another pretty flower
Warts Cure, Jeanne Rose
…..How did they get here? Make them go away!
List Article
…..Ever wonder who reads The Essential Herbal? Read on.
White Oak Plantation’s Culinary Seminars, Sarah Liberta
…..The story of how they began.
True Aromatherapy, Sarah Menefee
…..Not the stuff you buy at the corner bath and body store!
Mother & Child, Pam Ferry, RN
…..An Herbal Pregnancy
Herb Dispatch, Cindy Jones, PhD.
…..Scientific Studies in Botanical Medicine
Classified Ads
Dosage & Conversion Table
Neck Coolers
…..Instructions for a craft to keep you cool in the garden
Lip Balms from Prairieland Herbs
…..Yummy recipes and instructions for 2 balms


La Tea Dah said...

Ohhhh, as usual, I look forward to the arrival of the 'next issue'. I can hardly wait!

Any plans for a monthly publication? I know --- that really makes the deadlines close, but it would sure be appreciated by your readers. You have a great magazine!

Tina Sams said...

Oh thank you! Bi-monthly is hard enough for now. Maybe when we hit 5000 subscribers. And that will be a while :-).


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