Wednesday, March 19, 2008

On the Eve of Spring

Spring is such a roller coaster in the Mid-Atlantic region.
I don't complain so much as marvel at the variety in the temperatures and winds and atmospheres from day to day.
One morning we rise to greet sunny warmth, and the next welcomes us from sleep with cold lashing rain and foggy gloom.
We're putting the finishing touches on the next issue of the magazine, so I was paging through an ancient gardening book looking for inspiration, but instead found myself reading it (again) and daydreaming about working in the garden. That's part of spring too, it seems. Going off on tangents. It's so hard to stay on task when it is almost possible to hear the earth sighing and the plants reaching for the sun. The tiny "pops" as seeds burst their shells, the clamor of birds gathering nesting material, and the gusts of wind rattling last year's seed pods and grasses, all combine to raise a spring symphony that could be likened to a Syren's song.
This picture was taken during the first week of April last year, down in the woods. The Bloodroot, Troutlily, Chickweed, and false strawberry all struggle to climb above the rotting leaves from the prior autumn. It is nearly a riot, as they push and shoulder each other aside to reach the sunlight.
Much the same can be observed in the human residents of the earth. More so than any other year in recent memory, I feel us waking thunderously. This week in particular is packed with celebrations and holidays. We started with St. Patty's Day (which came directly following my daughter's spring break from school), and approach the Spring Equinox, Purim, Good Friday, and Easter.... all under a full moon. There are also many personal "holidays" including birthdays, the opening of HerbMentor, a new license :-), and the beginning of the return of my nephew from the distant West. On top of the May/June issue of The Essential Herbal being finished up, our book comprised of the first 5 years of spring and summer - "The Essential Herbal, Under the Sun" is in the last stages and will soon head to the printer.
I know very well that I did not hibernate this winter. The memory of all the accomplishments of those cold, short days is still with me... and yet, I feel as if I am waking from a long slumber!
Spring is like that here in the Mid-Atlantic region. The variety of seasons is not just visual or dependent on temperature. It is within us. I wonder sometimes if people who live in regions with relatively constant temperatures ever get to feel this excitement or renewal.

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