Saturday, November 01, 2008

peace, love, and incense

Today was the handmade incense and herbal bead extravaganza at Farm at Coventry. It was my first time visiting Susan Hess' home and business, and it was really a trip. It is very unfortunate that when, during the lunch break, I snuck out and wandered the grounds, the camera was inside. Such groovy gardens! There was blooming elderberry, some late(!!!) roses, brilliant rose hips, stunning bittersweet, vibrant sage, hops, nettles, mints... sigh... it was lovely.
And if that isn't enough, the ride there and back was equally intense. That part of the state is a patchwork of farms, often worked by horses and men together. Lots of gorgeous OLD stone homes and barns, fields full of bailed hay, just the kind of autumn ride you dream of but usually don't get around to taking. The trees were on fire.
After a light repast of Susan's home made biscotti and tea, the morning began. We made incense first because it is a little more involved than the beads. Note how tidy the table looks below. Soon it would be difficult to find the surface.The plan was to make frankincense and sandalwood incense - plain and simple. But during the discussion, almost all of us decided to add some powdered patchouli or rose petals. After all, this WAS a hippie love fest. Kathi even brought a tie-dyed water bottle. As a matter of fact, she also makes the most incredible reusable sandwich sacks and snack bags. Check them out at We had lunch at noon, and it was a delicious soup served with a nice rustic bread, butter, and wonderful, garlic-y pesto. It was leisurely and fun, and someone (forgive my fried brain, the names are mostly escaping me at the moment) brought in a gluten free pan of brownies that were FAR-OUT! Susan has promised to post the recipe on her blog (check out the blog-roll to find it)

It was a fun group to work with. The talk was relaxed and entertaining. There were a few times we forgot we were teaching, and the class was not under our control conversation turned to other things, and we all talked a little about our lives and things that had nothing to do with beads or incense. I LOVE when classes turn into a bunch of friends sitting around a table talking. Those are the best. And I have a sneaking suspicion that any class at Sue's house is more like a group of friends.

So even though we had three attendees from as far away as NY City, it was a day in the country, sitting in the farm kitchen while the chickens scratched in the garden and the cat watched us through the deep windows. It was heavenly. Thank you Sue!


Susan said...

I let you go first....

Laura said...

This sounds like it was absolutely AWESOME!!!! Wish I was there!

FaceFink said...

Something like this?

2 parts makko powder
1 part powdered frankincense resin
3 parts white sandalwood powder


- kratom kg

Tina Sams said...

well no, we weren't using makko, but that looks like a good recipe too. Our book - Making Your Own Incense, was published back in '99, and we hadn't learned of makko yet. We usually teach the way we wrote of.

daffodil said...

I do love the smell of incense. I use it especially when I do pray for GOD, sometimes i also found them good for my emotional health.


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