Saturday, February 13, 2010

The Essential Herbal - Mar/Apr '10

The next issue is in the mail, and it is filled with wonderful stuff! So many great ideas to help us all start thinking ahead to the sunny, windblown days of spring! Recipes, instructions and tons of cool information for herbies to revel in!
Table of Contents March/April 2010

Field Notes from the Editor
Herbal Hand Lotion
, Karen Hood
Complete instructions and recipes to make Calendula or Lavender Hand Lotion for use at home. Perfect for this dry time of year!
Historic Herbal: Hildegard’s Healing Stones, Kathleen Setzer
Crystal Elixirs and their history are explained. Some gems and their purposes are discussed, and you’ll never think of those rings you’re wearing the same way.
Spring Cleaning Naturally, Kristena Haslam Roder
Kristena shares some simple ways to clean the house without the harsh detergents and chemicals that we’ve come to know.
Down on the Farm: Hello Spring! Michele Brown & Pat Stewart
Pat and Michele are bringing some new ideas for marketing their farm and plants, explaining Herbal CSA’s and drop shipping, new ventures for them in 2010.
Herbs for Stronger Bones, Cindy Jones
Learn which herbs and essential oils can help you keep strong bones.
The Global Herbal: Oceana Part 2, Marita Orr
Off we go to New Zealand, to learn some of the traditional healing of the Maori people.
Green Drinks, Betsy May
Yummy, nutritious beverages that you can whip up at home, filled with good, greens and anti-oxidants to take you through the day.
Herbs of the Zodiac: ARIES, Susanna Reppert
This series was originally written by Bertha Reppert, and Susanna will be sending a taste of each. Zesty Aries Mustard and several herbs for this fire sign are included in this installment.
Don’t Forget the Lemon Verbena, Paul Whitmer
Using and growing lemon verbena – one of our favorite herbs.
Nettle: Nature’s Spring Tonic, Mary Hammond
The how and why of making a Stinging Nettle Infusion, the perfect intro to spring for our bodies!
Reflections of an Herb Gardener, Jackie Johnson
A humorous and oh-so-true collection of garden wisdom, written as only someone who has truly experienced it could tell it.
Shaker Gardening, Patricia Myers
“If you would have a lovely garden, you should have a lovely life” Shaker saying…
Pat tells us about the gardening practices in Shaker gardens.
Spring Cleaning your Body with Wild Edibles, Stephany Hoffelt
Harvesting and nutrition information on several delicious weeds, along with ideas on how to prepare and eat them.
Chickweed, Teresa Harrison
Recipes for Chickweed Pesto and Chickweed Honey Cream
SouthRidge Treasures, Everlasting Flowers, Mary Ellen WilcoxGrow some everlastings this summer! Mary Ellen discusses how to grow and dry these beauties.
Starting from Scratch with Seeds, Kathy Musser
Comprehensive discussion of how to grow plants from seed, and how to avoid some of the pitfalls.
Of Lanterns and Lunaria, Rita Richardson
A walk down memory lane of childhood.
Maryanne and I dedicate this issue to our brother John Snyder, who created the cover illustration as his final creative work.


Michele said...

Love the cover! And so fitting considering the weather. Come on lamb time....

lemonverbenalady said...

Maybe I will learn some thing new from the lemon verbena article! Too cold and snowy to wait by the mailbox this month! Looking forward to my cup of tea and your magazine!

Bridgett said...

I really need to order this magazine...

Tina Sams said...

I can't deny that, Bridgett :-)

Laura said...

I LOVE the cover! Can't wait to get this issue!


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