Saturday, June 26, 2010

The Essential Herbal - July/August 2010

Just getting around to posting the table of contents from the newest issue of The Essential Herbal. You can download a sample issue of the magazine by clicking on the link for that on the sidebar, but this current issue is just arriving in homes of subscribers now.
Table of Contents
Field Notes from the Editor
Doin’s here on the hill.
Lotions & Cremes, Liz Johnson
Try your hand at lotion and crème with these easy to follow instructions and recipes.
Gardening by the Moon, Jackie Johnson
Ever wonder when the best time is to plant or mow? Check it out here!
Hands on How to: Make Your Own Herbal Tea Blend, Sue-Ryn Burns
Sue-Ryn put together demos and classes for her faire shop, and shares them with us.
The Global Herbal – The Arctic Region, Marita K. Orr
Did you know there are herbs that grow in the Arctic?
Red Clover – Herb of Good Fortune, Mary Hammond
“Fairy lore states that unicorns particularly like to lie in fields of red clover.”
Plantain, Cindy Jones
Nearly everyone has it growing nearby. Learn what to do with it.
Historic Herbal Ð Dental Hygiene, Kathleen Setzer
Dental Care through the centuries.
Lavender Lovelies, Marci Tsohonis
Try your hand at some fun lavender projects.
Herbs of the Zodiac: Leo, Susanna Reppert/Bertha Reppert
Some herbs to bring the roar out of the lion!
Herbal Pregnancy Journal – Part 2, Cory Trusty
Cory is getting close to delivery, and shares her Birth Kit and Maternity Soup Stock.
SouthRidge Treasures – Summertime Coolers, Mary Ellen Wilcox
Cool, crisp beverages for those hot, steamy summer days and nights. Ades, Ales, and Switchels!
Cook Up an Herbal Summer, Marcy Lautenen-Raleigh
A mélange of wonderful summertime concoctions for the table!
Crossword Puzzle, Tina Sams
A little of this and that, simple summer daydreams
Spoonful of Sugar – Making Herbal Candy, Tina Sams
Complete instructions and recipes for the candies we were making all last year.
All Purpose, A Natural Healing Salve, Twyla DiGangi
Make a sumptuous salve for all those bumps and bruises, aches and pains.
Summer Soups and Salads, Susan Evans
10 of Susan’s great summertime treats from the garden.
Strawberry Cream Pie, Marci Tsohonis
Mmmm... What could be more delicious?
20 Ways to Enjoy Shallots, Rita Richardson
You won’t run out of ways to use up those beauties!
Louisiana Lagniappe – Sweet Herb Roasted Chicken, Sarah Liberta
Decidedly different way to delight the whole family.

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