Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Essential Herbal - Mar/Apr 2011

The new issue is out, full of late winter, early spring herbs, recipes, musing, crafting, and general wonderfulness. Take a gander at the table of contents below!

The Essential Herbal Magazine -March/April 2011Table of Contents
Field Notes from the Editor
What exactly is an herbalist these days?
Chives, Tina Sams
Simple recipes to enjoy these beautiful spring blossoms and stems.
Herbal Connections, Adaptogens, Marita A Orr
Learn the herbs that help the body handle stress and find balance.
Make a Bagel Birdfeeder, Melissa Nicole Sidelinger
A fun craft gives the birds a treat while they wait for nature to produce.
Winter Detoxification & Remedies, Mary Graber
Easy, natural ways to clear the winter gunk and be ready for spring.
Color Harmonies in Your Garden, Patricia Myers
Planning the garden – what a concept!
Lemon Herbs & Other “Fruity” Herb Flavors, Barbara Steele
Delicious refreshing recipes using herbs for their lemony flavoring
SouthRidge Treasures, The White Pine – Tree of Peace, Mary Ellen Wilcox
Much more than a Christmas tree!
An Introduction to Muscle Testing, Part 1, Karen Mallinger
Muscle Response Testing – what is it? Can *I* do it?
Earth Mama, A Cold Process Soap Recipe, Marci Tsohonis
A sultry, feminine soap that feels as good as it smells.
New Uses for Tea, Marcy Lautanen-Raleigh
We love to drink it, but here are several recipes for body care using tea.
Recipes for Spring, Susan Evans
Wild greens, rhubarb, and violets are all utilized in Susan’s recipes to welcome Spring.
Sumac, More Than Meets the Eye, Cathy Walker
How to identify staghorn sumac, and what to do with it when you’ve got it.
Because of Parsley, Rita Richardson
A memoir….
Second Trimester: Supporting Your Body & Your Growing Baby, Betsy May
Great ideas and recipes that can be used by anyone, with or without children.
Elderberry Through the Seasons, Michele Brown
Keeping the bushes healthy and productive.
Urban Herbalism, Stephany Hoffelt
One woman’s decision to bloom where she’s planted.
Getting Ready for Spring – Starting Your Garden, Jackie Johnson
Wonderful advice from seed to garden. All that’s left is the harvesting!
The Sweet Delight of Cinnamon, Melissa Nicole Sidelinger
Cinnamon is becoming a well known medicinal herb. Try it as a tea!
Looking Forward to Spring – Loc Tay, Scotland, Cath McGregor
A visit to Loc Tay through Cath’s eyes.
Beat the Late Winter Blues, Mary Graber
Need a little pick-up while you wait for the sun to return? Lots of great ideas here.
The Herbal Adventures of the Twisted Sisters, Part 1, Tina Sams & Maryanne Schwartz
Our book is out of print, so we’re printing it in sections for our readers.
Word Scramble, “Somewhere in This Issue”, Tina Sams
Herbs of the Zodiac: Taurus, Susanna Reppert/Bertha Reppert
Taurus, it’s your turn to find out which herbs are your friends.
Wild Things, Tina Sams
A bit about ramps, plantain, and chickweed.
Musings from the Mountains, Gale LaScala
Gale dreams of spring.

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