Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Rootstalk - V.G.T addendum

We can't quite leave the Pacific Northwest without mentioning Rootstalk!
If you are an herbie, you know Mountain Rose Herbs. Mountain Rose has been a supporter of The Essential Herbal Magazine for several years now, and we have similar goals in that we all want to empower and teach people to use the plants around them.
Well now, Mountain Rose Herbs has announced that they are organizing and hosting a 3 day benefit festival for Cascadia Wildlands in September '11. All profits raised by ticket and merchandise sales from Rootstalk Festival go to the Oregon based non-profit organization that works to protect threatened wilderness throughout the Pacific Northwest. That's a big deal. It is very unusual for businesses to raise funds entirely for issues outside of their own boundaries. More and more we seem to be seeing businesses who consider themselves to be a "cause" that people should donate to, so I am thrilled to see this business model!
The 1st annual Rootstalk Festival will offer classes throughout the weekend from 35 experts and environmental groups on sustainable living, herbal medicine, wilderness skills, urban farming, and homesteading projects. The festival will also feature daily entertainment by musicians and performance artists from around the state, a masquerade ball,an organic food court, and a vendor bazaar with sustainably handmade goods.
Excited yet? The Rootstalk Festival will be held September 22 - 25 at the Oregon 4-H Center on 300 acres of old-growth forested land. To learn more about Rootstalk and to purchase tickets for the event, visit the festival's website at www.rootstalkfest.com.

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