Wednesday, September 14, 2011

After the Rain

It's been a while.
There has been a lot of reporting elsewhere of the hurricanes that have come up the coast this fall - first Irene, and then Lee. Here's hoping they are finished with this route for the year!

We can't really complain here on the hill. We never needed to leave our house or fear that we would lose them. So many others cannot say that. That is not to say that we haven't been effected, however.
We're a good solid week behind on soap production - which naturally coincides with a couple of great new accounts as well as our annual wholesale trade show that keeps us busy for a month filling orders. The soap workshop "took on water" as they say. Fortunately, we keep almost everything up on wheeled platforms or in plastic bins. That saved us from untold damage and aggravation, allowing everything to be moved out while clean-up took place. The grass carpeting just got hauled out and dried quickly in the sun. Fans, dehumidifier, and time did their work, and the workshop is cleaner than it was when we started, with no extraneous stuff laying around.
Computers, modems, and wireless routers took a beating, and between us we're almost back to normal and ready to take on the next issue deadline tomorrow.
Some other oddities that are storm related - part of the basement lost power and bees that typically nest in the ground have decided to set up housekeeping in the corner of the siding on the house (coincidentally within a foot or two of where the power enters the house).
So that's the report from here. We were stuck for a couple of days here on the hill, unable to get anywhere, but we were safe and dry at home. So many others were not.

Now I'm going to get to work and will have something more fun to report soon.

Like the Snitz Fest! October 1 at the Hans Herr Homestead in Willow Street :-)

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