Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Stress and the college student

The junior herbie in the house spent last year as an editor on her school's newspaper. She shared information to help her fellow students get through the fall semester.

Molly Sams

Fall semesters can really take their toll on even the most seasoned student. With the dark and dreary days and the bitter walks to class, the endless amount of quizzes, labs, tests, and papers begin to weigh down on a person. Sadly, sometimes relief seems out of reach for any student be it time or financially. As much as I would love it I will probably never have my day at the spa.
But there is something you can do. By using herbs like chamomile, St John's Wort and holy basil, you can feel more healthy, wealthy, and wise to keep going through the endless winter without having to take out another student loan.
For me, rainy days are the worst.
They always seem to be the days I need to run all over campus and have all my work done before the day is out. On those days I still feel wired afterwards and can't seem to stand still. Chamomile tea is always a great remedy for that sort of restlessness.

It gives me an excuse to sit down and relax and I can feel the weight lifting off my shoulders with every sip.
During finals week you may also want to unwind even before an exam as to not scare yourself out of doing well on the test. When this happens, taking St John's Wort can help you relax but stay focused.
It has been known to help the overall focus, happiness, and commitment in many people. Perfect for test-taking mode.
For the scariest days when you have a game, three tests, and need to battle your girlfriend's seven ex boyfriends, holy basil can really help you get through your day without a meltdown. Holy basil, also known as Tulsi, has been around for centuries and is used in India for nearly every ailment.

This can be quite useful in the winter months because it is also anti-viral and anti-inflammatory. It is also known for increasing memory which is great for that language exam you've been dreading.
These herbs are pretty inexpensive as well. Chamomile tea has become quite common and can be bought in an grocery store while St. John's Wort and Holy Basil can be purchased as tincture, which is meant to be taken in drops with water or in your morning orange juice - or teas.
With these little remedies you should be prepared to take whatever this semester throws at you. Be it a huge test, sixteen page paper, or whatever.

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