Monday, January 02, 2012

The Essential Herbal 10th anniversary drawing.

If you are a subscriber, you will want to bookmark this page. The winners will be listed by first name, last initial, and state. There will be at least 3 winners a day. New and renewing subscribers during the month will be added as they come in.
Jan 1
Colleen Mc MO
Tizi B CA
Karen M MI

Jan 2
Jeannice P NM (gift from Mary Ellen Wilcox)
Geraldine S OH
Robin H CA

Jan 3
Kurt B, TX
Robyn V, AZ
Kristine D, TX

Jan 4
Neena M, UT
Shirley U, IN
Kathy G, KS
and.... winner of "Herbs Gone Wild" e-book by Diane Kidman is
Katrina M of British Columbia - but I need an updated email addy (if you read this Katrina)

Jan 5
Stacy H, TX
Gale L, MA
Jill B, IA
and, winning Mintea Mania from Blessed Maine Herbs ( is...
Diane Van S, OR

Jan 6
Kathy A, MD ( "Herbs Gone Wild" e-book by Diane Kidman )
Vicki N, OK
Cathy W, NY
Julie R, TX

Jan 7
Julie P, ID (Herbal Roots Calendar!)
Carmila V, GA
Monica S, Ont. CA
Susan McM, CA

Jan 8
Janice R, FL
Carolyn L, TN
Susan W, SC

Jan 9
First up, winner's choice of felted hat or slippers from Marni at ReWoolables to Peggy F, WI
and 3 from us
Lynn P, AL
Diane W, PA
Carol G, OH

Jan 10
Winning a shampoo bar from Aquarian Bath is D Currington, CA
And the other three from us
Rebecca M, PA
Michele L, MN
Roxanne B, MI

Jan 11
Kathleen S, NY
Pat D, M
Kathleen M, MO
and 2 e-book winners (Diane Kidman's Herbs Gone Wild)
Gary M, CA
JoAnn P, PA

Jan 12
The first prize is a selection of herb blends from Marcy at Backyard Patch. It goes to Ann M, CA
Our other three draws are:
Jackie J, WI
Sandra M, MT

Jan 13
First up, Julie T, WA who wins a gift basket from Sagescript Institute, and Colorado Aromatics
The 3 from us:
Sue-Ryn B, NY
Lalanya B, IA
Jenn C, OR

Jan 14

Today we have a copy of Chakra Balancing from SunRose Aromatics going out to Linda J-R, CO
Our three are:
Mary R, NE
Gael A, CA
Megan U, NJ

Jan 15

Kathryn P, ME
Ann G, PA
Michelle L, NV
Muriel T, VA

Jan 16

Lou H, MN won Royal Velvet culinary lavender from
Our other winners are:
Britta C, IL
Kathleen St, CA
Dee H, MO

Jan 17
First, there are 2 winners for Diane Kidman's e-book, Herbs Gone Wild
Penny G, AR|
Terrie S, CA
Then 3 winners of TEH gifts
Tamara F-I, KS
Sharon B, OR
Lorna H, ME

Jan 18
First, we have 1 winner of "Through the Wild Heart of Mary" from Blessed Maine Herb Farm's Gail Edwards, which goes to
Evelyn J, NY
Three TEH prizes go to:
Debi B, TX
Carey J, NY
Suzan S, AL

Jan 19

Margaret E, NE
Hilary B, AZ
Renee M, MS

Jan 20

Barbara M, WA
Carmen R, TX
Mabel C, NJ

Jan 21

Kristie N, CO
Lise W, OR
Leslie L, NY

Jan 22
Bj R, VA
Karen C, MO
Tracy A, NJ

Jan 23

Elizabeth D, NC
Carl S, WI
Sherry E, MN

Jan 24

April S, MN
Beth H, PA
Pauline M, RI

Jan 25
Jennifer E, HI wins spice blends from Backyard Patch

Athena H, NH who wins "Herbs Gone Wild, Ancient Remedies Turned Loose" by Diane Kidman (e-book)

Cari C, TX who will receive bath tea from Wonderland Herbal!

Jan 26

Kenneth M, MN
Cynthia F, MA
Lydia G, MO

Jan 27
Marie A, PA
Patricia K, OH
Jennifer K, MN

Jan 28

Donna S, MO
Jamie S, FL
Barbara H, AZ

Jan 29
Susan A, LA
Barbara H, FL
Betty P, NY

Jan 30
Roxane K, PA
Shelli J, NV
Pamela H, OH

Jan 31
Marsha W, WA
Susan A, TX
Mary Sh, NY
And, one winner was selected to win Lavender Love tea from Blessed Maine Herb Farm: Sylinda D, SD
Five additional winners were chosen to win the e-book Herbs Gone Wild. They are:
Em S, TX
Kathleen Lo, CO
Maggie F, OH
Michele R, PA
Mary Ann D, ONT

We are finished now with this month of wildly sending out random gifts to subscribers of The Essential Herbal - the print magazine. However, for the rest of the year we will be adding a gift to every boxed shipment. Congratulations to the winners, and thanks to everyone for playing along.

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