Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Herbal Window Shopping, or We LOVE our Advertisers!

Here at The Essential Herbal Magazine, we just couldn't make it without the support of our advertisers.  We'd like to take a moment out and thank them - and let you know a little bit about them.   We always have their links along the side of the blog, but a little spotlight never hurt anyone :-).  Click on the links and visit them today!
We want to list this one first because it is time sensitive - The Herb Fairies series is only available until May 5 from Learning Herbs, so you'll want to click on this one right away.  Additionally, they are holding a FREE herb seminar with Aviva Romm on herbs for summer on May 3 - so we wanted to let you know about that, too.

Possum Creek Herb Farm is the place I got my elderberries!  Great plants, great service, and Michele and Pat provide both retail and wholesale herb plants.  Visit today and see if they have what you've been looking for.
Alloway Creek Garden near Gettysburg PA is on the farm of Barb and Roger Steele.  Each year they have a garden and art faire, featuring artists, herbs, music and food.  A great time is had by all!  This year it is June1 and 2 - 10 to 3, rain or shine.

Blessed Maine Herbs is the home of renowned herbalist and writer Gail Faith Edwards, and is where her beautiful herbs are grown with the help of her children and extended family.  Visit her website for class information, herbs, books and much more!

BJ's Lavender is located in Bakersfield, Ca. They grow lavender for crafts & three kinds for culinary. Their culinary lavender is mild in taste & a little sweet. They have been growing lavender for 3 years and have now opened the farm to the public.
Lancaster County Soapworks, Etc., has been making soap for wholesale customers for over 15 years.  If  you have a shop and want to add a beautiful line of hand-crafted soap, check it out.
Alicia Grosso is well known to many soapmakers from her books and delicious writings in The Essential Herbal Magazine.  Her website is filled with luscious stuff!

This premier event in the Midwest promises to be memorable and the start of something big.  Many of  my herbie friends living within a state or two are very much looking forward to this conference in June.  It looks great!

Speaking of premier, Mountain Rose Herbs is the first place we look for herbs we can't grow ourselves.  Their ever-expanding line of herbs and herbal products and supplies make a visit to their site worthwhile any day.
Poppy Swap is a great place to shop for herbal products made by individuals and small companies that you often can't find elsewhere.  A magical herbal "mall" filled with surprises.

Herbalist Susan Hess is the owner of Farm at Coventry - a place of herbal learning, delightful herbal preparations, and a certain peaceful sensibility that harkens to days gone by.   You'll love Farm at Coventry!

A lot of people think that Herbal Roots Zine is for kids, but I think it has a lot to offer to all beginning herbies!  Creator Kristine Brown puts together this monthly pdf zine with obvious love and knowledge, focusing on a single herb each month.

Herbs from the Labyrinth, and the physical shop in Lancaster PA - Radiance - are filled with a myriad of hand crafted herbal treasure that are either made by herbalist Sarah Campbell, or sourced from free-trade countries and responsible crafters.  Great site, and if you're ever in the area you need NEED to stop in!

Handcrafted soap and lotion makers (as well as other bath and body products) will love The Original Soap Dish.  All kinds of ingredients, fragrances, packaging, and equipment for home crafters or businesses.  She even has some bio-degradable packaging options!

Sun Rose Aromatics is an oasis filled with beautiful, rare, exquisite essential oils, as well as diffusers, salt lamps, resins, incredible incenses, gift sets, teas and tea accessories, and much, much more. 

Torchsong Studio is the showcase of our lay-out director.  Maryanne makes spectacular beads and vessels from rods of colored glass.  I keep her too busy to put a lot on her site, but what she manages to get up there is spectacular.

When you're ready to take that next step in the soap business, SoapEquipment.com is the place to go.  Everything from molds to melters, to whippers, to packaging solutions - you'll find what you need here.

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