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The Essential Herbal July/August '12

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Field Notes
Musing on the harvested goodness of summer and how we obtain great food.

Druid Plant Quiz
Cover artist Suzan Scholl provided a quiz that takes the cover from being a picture into a learning opportunity.  You'll love it!

Druid Herbals, Suzan T Scholl
An ancient people, we still use many of the same herbs today.

Louisiana Lagniappe, Shrimp Pasta Salad,Sarah Liberta
A cool, delicious dish to serve family or friends in the heat of summer.

A Rose by Any Other Name, Rita Richardson 
Rose Geranium, to be precise!

What to Do About a Sunburn, Cindy Jones
Herbal relief from summer's ravages on the skin.

Herbal Recipes for Well-Being, Heddy Johannesen
Learn to make a tincture, salve, body scrub - and more!

May Apples in Summer, Maryanne Schwartz
Often thought of as a spring flower, we rarely see the apples.  Time to look closer.
Wildharvest Adventure in Ohio, Jeni D Greenwood
Ready to grab your basket and go?  Jeni will have you itching to harvest some wildlings.

The Rose, Marita A Orr
Oodles of delicious and delightful culinary treats made from roses.  This article is one you'll want to keep for years to come.
Tomato Freezer Jam
Quick and easy?  You bet! 

Literary Seed Cake
Bake up a little history (and eat it too)
Summer Herb Sauces, Marcy Lautenan-Raleigh 
Lots of new and interesting ways to use herbs and bring new zest to the table.

The Humble Dandelion, Sandy Michelsen
Dandelions are still in the yard.  Use 'em up!

SouthRidge Treasures, Tansy, Mary Ellen Wilcox
"Today, it is used mainly as a decorative plant, but it does have an interesting past as a culinary and medicinal herb."  Lots to learn!

The Soap Pot, Yarrow Sunburn Suite, Alicia Grosso 
Full instructions for salve, lotion, soaps, and compresses for this wonderful, healing herb.

Salsa!, Tina Sams 
If you've only tried tomato based salsa, you may want to check out these colorful, flavorful fiestas for the tastebuds.

Women Herbalists, Maud Grieve,Susanna Reppert Brill
Susanna takes us for a visit with another fascinating historical woman herbalist.

Herbal Mothproofer Mix 
Gather those herbs and protect clothes and linens.

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