Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Yarrow Bath Tea and Compress

In the Jul/Aug '12 issue of The Essential Herbal, Alicia Grosso provides a glorious bouquet of ways to use yarrow for the relief of summer's irritations.  Here's one, excerpted from her article - simple to make, and very versatile.

Yarrow Bath Tea and Compress 
    Dry yarrow
    Dry lavender flowers
    Dry rose petals
    Dry milk powder
    Light muslin square, reusable muslin bag or heat-seal tea bag

Make a mixture of dried botanicals. Three parts yarrow, one part lavender, one part rose petals, one part dry milk.  Store a bulk amount in a dry jar with an airtight lid.  Fill bags as needed and drop one into a warm bath.  Alternatively, use the saturated bag as a small compress for sunburn.  Gently swab tender areas.


Callies Cottage said...

Thank you,I will be doing this..
Warm Wishes,

M Graber said...

This would be wonderful with yarrow & ginger ea for cold & flu. I love yarrow!

iloveherbals said...

I had no idea that yarrow could be used for curing sunburns. This recipe sounds lovely and I bet it smells great too. Thanks so much for introducing the essential herbal to me, I love reading about herbals and discovering new things


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