Friday, January 04, 2013

Such Sweet Notes (feedback)

This was the week that we sent renewal notices for The Essential Herbal.  It's not a particularly pleasant job for me... "hey, um... you want to keep going?  or what?"  Sort of like hoping that your partner would want to do it all over again.  So it's always a big relief when most subscribers renew - and even better when they include notes.  Here are a few that I'd like to share... 

 *Your magazine keeps getting better every issue!
Tina and Maryanne, thank you for all that you do. (Emily TX)
*Enjoy your magazine. Very informative. (Elaine AL)
 *The only magazine I will keep this year. You gals rock!  (Irene OR)
*thanks for the renewal reminder!  I'd hate to miss an issue.  Love 
the magazine.  (Katherine NY)
*Still enjoying every issue.  This time of the year, it is so nice to 
sit with a cup of tea and your magazine--aaahh!  Thank you for all of your hard 
work so folks like me can enjoy the results:-)  (Susan LA)
It makes my day when someone takes a moment in that impersonal space of a website order to drop us a line.

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