Friday, August 16, 2013

Just when you think you're alone...

Whenever I start wandering around outside, it starts out feeling like it's just me, alone. 
Within a very few seconds, I realize that the whole place is teeming with activity.  Depending on the time of year, it might be different kinds of birds, sometimes it's the rabbits and groundhogs, at certain times it is feverishly working spiders, but right now it is the butterflies and the bees.  Although everyone else is out there doing their thing, those two kinds of creatures are definitely taking center stage right now.

Walking towards the hyssop, the amber colored fluttering was remarkable!  At least 20 of the same type of butterfly busily worked over the blossoms, scattering when I got too close.

The bumblers hummed and hovered around the blue sage stalks, flying around to keep out competition from time to time.
The buddleia that crowds around the side porch is a busy place.  There are always a few yellow swallowtails and several black swallowtails. 
The yellow and white skippers are everywhere by the hundreds, and then there are tiny things that flash gold or blue as they fly.

The oregano is as covered with the amber butterflies as the hyssop.

The elderberries are getting ready to ripen, and I'm certain that hidden in those branches are hundreds of stink bugs.  They love to surprise me when I harvest or strip the berries.

The rose hips did seem to be on their own.  I didn't see any critters anywhere while looking them over.  I'm sure there are tiny spiders, because they like to hide out on the flower end of the hip, but this year the hips look just beautiful.
In the woods yesterday, the spiders were very evident, having strung strong webs across the path every couple of steps.  I didn't go very far.  It was very muddy.  But I was happy to see how well the pawpaw trees were doing. 
They are often found in the woodlands here, but none were on the property until last fall.  They seem to be happy here.

I don't really mind sharing the space with them, and they don't get too upset with me either.  They sure are busy, though!

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