Friday, November 28, 2014

More Homemade Herbal Gifts!

A few years ago, we gathered all of the posts together in one post (it will be the last link given in this post) so that it would be easy to find great projects for making gifts and decoration.  That was years ago though, and so we pulled together some that were written since then, to add to the list!  In case you're wondering, yes... this is exactly the sort of thing you might find in our magazine or compilation books, but here's a fantabulous sampling:

This one might be fun to try with the spice and applesauce clay that we all use to make ornaments.

Naturally, you can use whatever oil/fat you'd like. 
A craft that never goes out of style.

herbal candy and cough drops

pretty spiffy, right?
a gift directly from your kitchen, via the garden

grown up play dough that smolders and scents

Flower fun from the garden, into the cup!
This one is particularly fun to do with young'uns.  Crewel needles aren't very sharp.
Or follow the general directions to make many different herb and fruit jellies.

Original list where you'll find many other crafts:

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