Friday, February 13, 2015

Herb of the Week: Fennel Seed

By: Molly

This herb is seen in many restaurants as an after dinner mint or in tea to help an upset stomach. These tasty little seeds are packed with vitamins and nutrients have been used for thousands of years to treat indigestion and add a little sweetness to dishes.

A great example of its sweetness is adding it to tea. If you do not enjoy licorice, want to avoid sugar and honey, or want to avoid the affects sweetners have on blood pressure, you can add fennel. While working with Heather at Wish Café and Herbs we mixed and tasted a few teas. One we mixed seemed to be missing something. Luckily her friend Padmani suggested adding fennel. After playing with some ratios we ended up with an amazing tea called Rosy Wishes! Tasty and great for you.

Fennel is a carminative and is often used with licorice or dill to treat upset stomachs or flatulence. Until the 60s this treatment was suggested for infants with colic in the U.S. Pharmecapedia I often take it to freshen my breath naturally but it works well to ease bloating during menstruation or after a large meal. If you cannot brew it in tea taking it alone is tasty and a great alternative to sugary mints or gum.

After dinner mint tea:

Four to six servings

1 cup green tea
½ peppermint leaves
½ tablespoon of fennel

Mix well and steep for four minutes.



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