Sunday, September 06, 2015

A Peck of Peppers

I have the great good fortune to get surprise CSA shares from time to time.  One showed up on the counter the other day.  Usually I tear right into them and start cooking, but it's been pretty busy around here AND I couldn't quite figure out what to do with the produce this time.  Along with the corn and mesclun and kale and such, there was a huge number of sweet orange peppers, a red bell pepper, a yellow pepper, some gorgeous tomatoes, and a couple big onions.
They sat on the counter and mocked me for a couple of days.
This morning, one of the tomatoes started leaking juice, so I knew the time had come.
Except that time is the one thing in short supply right now.
I decided to chop everything up and throw it in the oven together with a healthy splash of olive oil and some freshly ground pepper.  No herbs were added so that it will be more versatile when they are put to use.
Oh... within 15 minutes, the scent wafting from the oven was glorious!
Another hour and a half, and they were softened and mellowed and perfect.
Packed up for the freezer, they'll be welcome additions to all kinds of soups, stews, and even sandwiches.   I may have to get more!
We always get lots of green peppers and onions to chop up and freeze by the cupful.  This is a new and wonderful thing for us, though.

Tomorrow, it's on to apple and pear sauce.

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