Wednesday, January 04, 2017

Just The Essentials Newsletter Recipes for December 27, 2016

For this issue we did a bit of a throwback with our herbal candy and Molly added a recipe for her homemade linen spray. Let us know what you think!

All-Natural Linen Spray
You'll need:
A clean spray bottle
1 C hydrogen peroxide
Essential oils of your choice (I like lavender and lemon for this recipe)

To make the linen spray add five to ten drops of the essential oil of your choice to the cup of hydrogen peroxide. Add more if necessary. Then place in the clean spray bottle. Mix before use. Once you have mixed and bottled your spray be sure to label it with ingredients and date! That way you will know what to add when you run out.

Note: Some people suggest using this spray on light fabrics and linens only but I haven't had any discoloration yet. If you are worried about ruining a part of your furniture you may want to spray an unseen patch and see how it reacts before using it on your entire couch or bedroom set.

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