Thursday, August 24, 2017

Another Day...

We have a pretty good time around here.  I think that has a lot to do with all of the ways that we get to express our creativity.
This summer has been pretty wild, with a lot of planned and unplanned twists and turns.  We also changed the deadline schedule for the magazine, and that still has me floundering a little bit.  The last issue just got out there, and now we are looking at a deadline in a week.  I was used to a month to catch my breath (and help catch up with the soap!) but that vanished.  We'll get used to it, but it's still a bit odd.
Blocks of Blackberry Sage, Merlot, Patchouli, Apricot Freesia, Green Tea, and Apple Snap.
This week, we've been putting in lots of time on orders with my sister's soap company.  Her business only handles wholesale orders.  Essential Herbal carries her products as retail. 
All summer long, every time we think the shelves look full and "healthy," the phone rings a couple of times and they look scary again.  We've been trying to make 6 batches 45 bars each) every day for a while. 
I'm home for lunch right now, so I thought I'd share a few pics.
One of the things I love to do is make molded soaps with the leftover soap batter.  As the holidays approach, these "oddball" soaps are fun to slip into order boxes up at the EH shipping area.  
The rectangles are dragons, and we've got a great idea for the tea festival!
 Daylight is just over the horizon.  Or a pile of orders will come in.  One or the other :-)
We needed a few hundred sniffing jars for the current orders.
These smell up the whole joint.
  And a bunch of bathing herbs.
This is a pleasant chore.  We can sit and talk while we make them.
Everything is pretty orderly.
Starting to get a grip.  Many tables make for an easier time.
Just a bunch of lotion bars to go...
And still there's time for the plants.
These greet me at the front door.  I love them.
Guess I'll be heading down to finish up - and help get tonight's 6 batches laid out.  First though, I'll send out renewal notices. 
The weather is so gorgeous.  I want to squeeze in the time to weed the saffron patch!  It won't be too long before those bright purple crocuses start popping up.

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