Monday, October 02, 2017

2017 TEH Fall Harvest Swap

Every few years I temporarily lose my mind and decide to host a swap on the magazine's Yahoo! list.
 It usually takes a few years to forget how complicated it can be (between the magazine and helping my sister with soap...), but this time it was pretty smooth going.  In spite of the fact that the USPS had a pretty substantial price hike after people had already submitted their return postage, and the loss of a few swappers to natural disasters, we still somehow managed to keep to the original number of 20.  Everyone had their things in early!
It was interesting to me that so many people had never participated in a swap before.  Less than 10 years ago, swaps were a pretty common occurrence.  Back then, people were hanging out on Yahoo! groups and forums based on their specific interests and on the one forum I most often visited, there were multiple swaps going on at all times.  This one was met with great enthusiasm by the participants.
There was such an interesting, wonderful mixture of products, and massive creativity.  Who knows?  It may not take me so long to get my nerve up to do another :-).
There were things like tea blends, culinary blends, aromatherapy blends, salves, tinctures, soaps, eye pillows, lip balms, and even a candle!  We got a teapot pendant and an good luck incense kit.  Honey, face food, lotion and tub tea were in the box too.  I'm sure I'm forgetting some things, but you get the idea.  It was fabulous!  Thanks to all the participants!

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