Saturday, November 24, 2018

2019 Winter Holiday Specials and Gift Ideas

We have just a couple of "deals" that are valid through the end of the year.
#1 - all back issues are Buy 2, Get 1 FREE.  This is an automatic discount, and no code is necessary.
#2 - All purchases (US only) over $100 will be shipped FREE.
#3 - All boxed orders will get FREE gift, and I'll be trying to slip a little something in with envelopes of books, etc.

There are some interesting new things on the site.
We got in 10 or 12 new lightweight earring styles.  Beautiful and reasonably priced.
They're all light as a feather.
We got three different options for doing some for making Sun Prints.  Packages of treated 8 x 8 inch cotton patches, notecard kits, and tshirts.  Let your creativity go!
This is my first attempt, playing around with it the other day.  Yours would be much better, I'm sure.
 Gift Subscriptions - what a great way to give something special 6 times a year!  
Each issue is filled with all kinds of herbal goodness and wonder, generously

We have both print and PDF available in the US, and PDF is available worldwide.  For print, just provide your name and address in the billing section, and the recipient's info goes in the shipping section.  Would you like us to include a message in the gift card?  Just let us know in the comments section. 
For PDF, please provide the recipient's email address in the comments section.

Books that will inspire and delight
A very popular gift is the complete 10 Years of Herbal Knowledge in 3 volumes.  Someday we'll try to put together the third 5 years, but for now, this is really a spectacular compilation.

Beautiful and soft, the design uses 11 screen passes to capture the details - it's gorgeous!
Fire cider t-shirts are also welcome, as well as soaps, teas, and remedies.

A large selection of teas, soaps, tinctures, hydrosols, and much more.

Come take the website for a spin and you'll find gifts and stocking stuffers for everyone.

Incenses and the ingredients to make your own, too!
Rather than linking directly to each product, just come over to and look around.  There's a lot more than you see here.

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