Tuesday, June 21, 2005

learning a new program....

Spent the weekend learning Publisher for the magazine. That was really pretty much fun, and although this next issue is even more crammed with articles than usual, it came out to four fewer pages due to column width, etc.
Oh, the possibilities! Between the new camera and now learning a different program, it feels like so many more options are available. It just keeps getting easier to put together great stuff.
I'm on pins and needles waiting to see a proof - hoping that it looks as good at the printer's as it did here.
Also ran into an old friend who is a whiz at Excel. His assistance made the subscriber list (mailing list) work for ME - instead of the other way around - lol.
Daughter Molly is spending the week at a camp where a naturalist will be teaching her about native plants and their uses. She goes every year, and comes back with such gorgeous projects. One year they made gourd bowls, another year baskets... and one that we do from time to time, they made face masks using the plaster strips that doctors make casts from (or used to). It is available in the fine arts section at craft stores. We paint them, and they give us enormous insight as to our feelings about life at that moment in time. Fun too. If you try this one, be sure to use plastic wrap with a nose hole cut out so that it releases easily from the skin.

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