Thursday, June 16, 2005

Wild Edibles

There are lots of wild things out there to eat at this time of the year, and though its not for everyone, most people that I know really enjoy trying a few things fresh from the yard, meadow, or woods.

To ease into a wild salad, try adding some (or all) of the following to some mesclun mix.

Daylily buds --- violet flowers and leaves ---rose petals
Sheep sorrel --- young dandelion leaves ----garlic mustard greens
Chickweed --- lamb’s quarters --- wild mustard
OR try a stirfry using daylily buds, garlic mustard greens, store bought mushrooms, and sesame seeds. Chicken or shrimp can be added, and using sesame oil is incredibly tasty.

To eat the nettles, Choose young plants that have not yet "bloomed". It must be cooked enough to wilt and turn bright green. Purists may have some trouble with this method, but it is easy and cuts down on the number of times the prickly nettle needs to be handled. Wearing gloves, fill a plastic bag (flat bottom is best) with the tender tops of the nettle plant. At home, open the bag and sprinkle just a bit of water into the bag. Place in the microwave, and cook for about a minute. It is ready to eat…. Delicious, nutritious, and of course – free!

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