Wednesday, July 06, 2005

just a walk in the meadow....

Coming home from the post office this evening, I decided to park the car and walk a little ways into the meadow. Staying out on the edge of the wilderness because this area is tick heaven, these plants were right within range. The milkweed blossoms were looking a little bedraggled, so I didn't post that shot, but if you can get close and take a breath of that blossom, the smell is divine.

This is a tiny branch of a sumac tree. The rest of the tree is gloriously festooned with waves of seed pods. The pods are varying shades of yellowish green, with a blush of pink in the center. From a distance, the tree looks like there are fireworks going off on her branches.
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Below is the stinging nettle in full bloom. The patch of nettles is full and dense. The innocent looking strands of flowers beneath the leaves are tempting to touch... like strands of delicate beads, but not since my childhood!
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Queen Anne's lace stands regally amidst the dry grasses where Evening Primrose will stand in another month or so. I still can't resist pressing this beauty each year.
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Fuller's Teasel! This was everywhere. The tiny pink flowers embracing the spiny spike are such a soft dusty color. They look so beautiful with the grayish green of the rest of the plant. Such an unusual plant, and gorgeous in bloom - and dried. Apparently the flowers are very attractive to bees, too.
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There was lots of toad wort, thistles, and tiny daisy like wildflowers, along with the small aster like weeds and grasses.

I love this time of year. Everywhere you look there is something beautiful to see. Just don't drive behind me :-).

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