Thursday, October 20, 2005

The Ones That Got Away

You should see the pictures I took today! It was one of those incredible autumn days where the trees are ablaze and the sky is so blue it makes your heart soar. We had some deliveries to take down to the Amish country, so while waiting for my accomplice, I snapped a few shots of caterpillars munching happily on bronze fennel. It seems late for them, so I didn't want to miss that! And then there was the single perfect cabbage rose in a pink blush. Surely the last of the season. I climbed over the garden to get that one.
We headed out, and our countryside is so picturesque this time of year! The farmers are out baling up the hay and silage. The corn has been mostly harvested, so the neat-as-a-pin farms are settled in the valleys like paintings. As we passed an Amish school, the children were outside playing at recess, and the old stone mills were just gleaming in their ancient glory. All along, I snapped happily away, thinking of all the wonderful pictures I'd have to share.
At just about that point, someone - who shall remain nameless - but her initials are "my sister" mentioned that she hadn't given back the memory card for my camera that she'd borrowed earlier. Oh well, they would have been great :-).

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Maryanne said...

Oh, yeah.... blame it on ME!


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