Thursday, November 03, 2005

Still Life... sorta :-)

Today we took our brother home.  He's so much better than he was 2 days ago.  Here he's attempting to look crazed.  That's a hobby of his.  I doubt if I have any photos of him looking like a typical human.  Not his style.  By the time we'd left, his nurse burst into tears over the miracle of his recovery, and he'd made most of the people who'd cared for him in the most difficult hours laugh out loud.  We're so glad to have our brilliant, gifted, talented, funny brother back.
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His home is a cabin in the woods, with the second story built out over a lake.  It is the most gorgeous setting imaginable.  Today was another one of those perfect Autumn days - high 60's, blue sky, and the trees are finally showing some color.  The side yard opens onto a meadow where there were several horses.  As I stood at the fence to take a picture, they all looked up and started to amble towards me.  Not having any carrots or apples, I took the picture and ske-daddled.
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We sat on the dock for a little while looking over the lake and taking in the changing leaves.  We picked up some sycamore seed pods and watched while John's cat Lily made sure that he knew that she wasn't happy that he'd been away.
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One of the trees has leaned across the lake reflecting perfectly onto the water.  The weather has gotten cool enough that the frogs and fish are not near the surface, but the tree is probably a terrific harbor for them in warmer weather.
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I promise to get back to the uses of herbs.  This week and the events it held for us is wrapping up.  Sitting outside and watching the world go by was the perfect end.  Tomorrow is a new beginning.  Look how beautiful it is!

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