Monday, March 06, 2006

Philadelphia Flower Show

Today I represented The Essential Herbal with at the Garden Writers' Breakfast meeting with Maureen Rogers of Herbal Connection. This allowed us on to the floor to see the displays before the doors opened. Being short, that was very cool.
The lighting was pretty tough for me to work with - as you can see with the top picture. The next one, I really loved. This is a very small part of the "Spring has Sprung" display by Haddonfield. They used flex duct, and tons of colorful slinkies to show off their gorgeous arrangements. This particular "bouquet" would be about 5' tall.
This was the display at the booth for Cramer's Posy Patch. I love their display, the way the cover the ceiling with the statice, larkspur, celosia, etc. It is so pretty. Lots of "sticks", too, like pussy willow and the like.
This table set for a fairy tea party was but a tiny portion of the very large display that won a prize, by Lamsback. The full display included gigantic bugs - a spider and a dragonfly come to mind - made of flowers, with big red floral eyes. There was a 5 or 6 foot fairy on the hillside made of flowers, looking over the pond in the middle of this display. It was a joy to look at.
These hanging baskets are an exotic plant called Nepenthes. The reddish pouches grow down under the planters and are approximately 6" in length. It appears that they would gather water for the plant. Lovely.
This little imp has just caught a fish from the pond. I'd like to point out that the price is over $11,000. Really nice work, and the expression is wonderful.
There were orchids everywhere. I would have liked a few more spring flowers, but the orchids really were lovely. They were in every color of the rainbow and in sizes ranging from teensy to dinner plate. It made up for missing the fragrant spring bulbs.

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