Monday, March 27, 2006

Weekend in NYC - Part One

We had a great weekend walking all over Manhattan. Molly and I visited with our friends Laura and Rob. Our train was very late getting in, so we missed the possibility of seeing Avenue Q, but it really wasn't a big deal.
Laura took us on a walking tour for a good part of Saturday. If I haven't mentioned my Crocs, let me tell you right now that they saved the day. Molly and I both wore them, and not being accustomed to walking 30 or 40 blocks in a given day, they made quite a difference. At the same time, it was a real wake-up that I am getting entirely too sedentary.
Anyhow, we started with brunch, and then headed out visit some thrift shops, etc. The first place we stopped was Backwoods. They had some great gauzy beaded mirrored '70's Indian stuff at very nice prices. The jacket I'm wearing below (standing in the fountain) came from that shop. I was really excited to see the jackets, because we sold them at our old shop, and they are so comfy and colorful. The price was also around the same as we used to get them wholesale! Molly found some things she loved, too.
From there, we headed across Central Park to the 70's and 80's where we found several thrift shops. They had some very cool stuff, but the prices gave me sticker shock. For instance, used shoes were between $20 and $40. Naturally, Molly found a pair of jeans that she fell in love with - and they were very unusual.
These pictures were all taken in Central Park. I took lots of photos of the trees, etc... but these are my favorites. The top picture is a gorgeous bronze sculpture of Alice in Wonderland.
The next shot is Molly and Laura under a budding tree. Things were just beginning to come to life.
Then Laura and I stood under this guy right at the entrace at Columbus Circle. I really loved all the sculpture and statuary in the park, and the old ornate gates and such. Lastly, we went to the lake in the park. I took the picture across the lake, which looked so interesting because to me it could be either Spring OR Fall, because the colors are so similar.
Walking along 5th Avenue, there were many areas that still had the greens stuck in window boxes and planters from the holiday season. We gather some dried juniper berries, and I rolled them in my fingers from time to time to smell that fresh, juicy fragrance. It wasn't quite as good as the coffee we stopped for mid-afternoon, but it was very refreshing. There's more to come... Blogger doesn't seem to like more than 4 pictures at a time.

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