Friday, April 28, 2006

Babies everywhere!!!

In farm country, you can't throw a stick at this time of year without hitting a newborn creature of some sort.
Besides these goat kids, colt, and lambs, there have been several instances lately of coming upon calves being cleaned by their mothers right after birth. Today there were goslings following their parents into the pond, and we don't even need to talk about all the tadpoles everywhere!

We've also decided that April 28th must designate "the running of the groundhogs". They were everywhere today - standing in the fields, running hither and yon, just generally acting a little crazy from the sunshine.
The little guys above are pygmy goats. I've never seen a skid 'o kids (is that called an anagram?) before, and there were several more of them spending time with their mothers. I have "issues" with goats, and my sister continues to try and convince me that they are sweet.
Below is the neighbor's mare and colt. She had another colt 2 years ago, and my mother watched that little one like a hawk, worrying and fretting everytime she passed and saw it lying down.

Finally there were the lambs. There were so many of them! At least 50 of the sweet little lambkins kicking up their heels and running along beside their mums. One stopped to look at us, and the mother not-so-gently gave the baby a shove.

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