Wednesday, April 05, 2006

A Tussie Mussie Garden

Use the language of flowers to speak to the world around you. Imagine if your garden could be a large tussie mussie! Wouldn't it be an interesting planting if all the concentric circles had meaning?
Today when we create a tussie mussie for a friend or lover, we layer it with our intentions. The object of our affection (or displeasure) may or may not be aware of what is being said, but it is still being said. We will give the meanings of a few herbs in a few paragraphs....
The easiest way to make a circular garden is to begin by deciding on how large the circle will be. For this example, we'll be making a 6 foot circle. We'll need a 3 foot piece of string - with enough extra to tie, and a stake. Tie the string to the pencil, and stick it into the ground where the center will be. As you go around the circle, mark it with flour. This will be the outside of the garden.
Depending on the plants you have chosen, you will want to make smaller circles, but first the garden should be built up in the center so it will resemble the little bouquet it is to be named for. Form a mound using good soil. The center could be a 1/2 barrel, too. Make a couple circles going out from the center.
The center needs to be taller flowers. Roses (even miniature bushes would work if using a 1/2 barrel) or a nice tall rosemary would be nice. Add the plants in circles, concentrating on plants that will retain either their flowers or a nice foliage through the summer months. The outside edge would do well with alysum, or "Dusty Miller" artemesia to look like lace.

Here are a few "meaningful" herbs....
Angelica - inspiration
Basil - Peace, Love
Calendula - joy
Dill - lust
Fennel - worthy of all praise
Feverfew - protection
Flax - domesticity
Garlic - courage, strength
Geranium (rose) - preference
Hyssop - wards off evil spirits
Lavender - love and devotion
Lemon Balm - bring love
Mallow - sweetness
Marjoram - happines
Mint - virtue
Nasturtium - conquest and victory
Rosemary - remembrance
Sage - wisdom, long life
Thyme - strength and courage
Woodruff - humility
Yarrow - health, healing

Okay, so that was more than a few....and I restrained myself!

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