Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Moonrise, etc.

The location of this home affords me with some of the most spectacular sunrises and sunsets I've ever viewed. Right now, I'm watching the pinks and purples on the billowing clouds of sunrise out the window of the office. Last night as I got home from the studio where we are finishing preparations for the Farm Show
the moon was rising in front of the house, over the neighbor's. At the same time, the sun was setting to the back, and was at almost the exact same level in the sky. There isn't a day that passes without some vision outside to pause and watch. The other day it was a flock of bluebirds. I haven't seen the bluebirds for years. When Mom first moved into this house, they were always around, perching on the tips of the pine trees. She loved them. It seemed fortuitous to see them on New Year's Day, back on their posts.
Most of the last month or two has been spent getting stocked for the upcoming show. It feels like there has been nothing else - but of course that isn't true. In fact, today I am going to be working at Radiance while Sarah grabs a quick visit with her sister.
I sometimes talk about the people at "my" post office. This is a picture of Paul. He just found out that his new uniforms have arrived and that he will not have to wear ties anymore. The gang at this post office is hilarious. Entering the office, there is the outer room with the locked boxes. Behind the boxes I often hear laughter and singing from the workers. You open a second door to get to the windows to buy postage. They pop around the wall, always grinning, always willing to include the customer in whatever happiness is going on. Now working on the magazine fulltime, the postal workers are some of the people I see the most, and they are almost like co-workers in my mind. This guy here... well, he has the most infectious mix of professionalism, knowledge, and high spirits ever to grace a counter.
Well - time to start another day. Let's see what this one brings!

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