Tuesday, October 07, 2008

7 or 8 pounds ago...

.... I got a surprise in the mail. Yep, that's right. In the mail!
I'm still catching up with things that I meant to blog.
It was more than a month ago. I was feeling a little down, and Laura & Robbie leapt to give me a nudge towards the lighter side of life.

The chocolates have now disappeared and I can start in on salads and fruit, etc to try to remove them from my well padded bod.
In the yard, the moonflowers were in full gear. Every afternoon I would see this:
As the darkness fell, the scent of the open flowers was startlingly beautiful, but fleeting. You catch just a whiff, and then if you try to get more, it is hard to find again.
Now they are gone and the seed pods are forming.

There - caught up!


girlwithasword said...

i'm not sure which is more gorgeous, the chocolates or the moonflowers :)

Laura said...

tee hee!

I must agree with GirlWithASword (what a great name btw)! The pictures are GORGEOUS!

Love you!


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