Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Sneaky Autumn, Creeping In

I just noticed it the other day, really.
Of course the days are getting shorter, and the plants are getting tired of trying to look their best under these circumstances... especially considering that they've done their work for the year, setting seed and assuring the perpetuity of the species.
Still, it comes as a bit of a shock the way Autumn is stealthily weaving her fingers around everything. The shrubs out in front are covered with spider webs, and when I saw it last week it struck me as odd because that happens when it is Fall.
The wooley bear caterpillars are EVERYWHERE, and I remember thinking how early they are this year - hah. The corn and the soybean crops turned so dry so fast this year! Did we have a drought? It's too early for them to be done, isn't it? This danged fall is moving in fast!
This morning I looked out the window, and there it was! Autumn was right outside. The sun hit the crest of trees on the other side of the pine trees at precisely the moment I first looked out the office window. Unfortunately this picture is a few moments later, when I'd found the camera and thrown on something that could go outside.

So yeah, it's been getting autumnal around here, I suppose. Might as well face it.

It's been incredibly busy. Perhaps that's how it happened... I mean, you'd think I would have noticed that the kid has been in school for a month and a half. But in my defense, let me give you a little bit of this week - just this week!
First, the magazine was delivered on Monday, and I've been working away at that every chance I get, and finally took the bulk mail into the post office this morning. I got to see ALL the late night hosts Monday and Tuesday nights, determined to have it ready this morning.
In the meantime, we've been taking sign-ups for the upcoming soap class - which is going to be incredible, btw. Yesterday I was just about to start down to Maryanne's to take a very large order to a new customer (easier to deliver than to pack!) and wrap another order, when she called to tell me there were cows in the yard. They'd escaped from the neighbors. There's a spot down by the creek where they can walk right through, but they only do it rarely.
Bob was rounding them up with the 4 wheeler before I even set out, and even though I missed the cows, the ever multiplying flock of banty chickens was everywhere on the way down. They are always a distraction for me on the way down.
So we went to the supply store this morning and found containers to hold the fats and lye for the class, and something that will work as a mold. Now to finish the DVD and get together a list of suppliers.
We got home and whipped up 6 batches of soap and wrapped another order to go out tomorrow. Still working on another one too.
Tonight I'll address the shops, writers, and advertisers copies while the presidential debate is on.

Looking back, I think I can see where Autumn slipped in. In another week or so we'll be giving up Daylight Savings Time. That hour is so wonderful - I'll miss it.
On the other hand, I had some of the best pumpkin pie that I've had in years today! It was from Bird-in-Hand Family Restaurant. If you're near, GET A SLICE!!!

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Laura said...

Oh, lady, I wish I was sharing some pumpkin pie with you RIGHT NOW! :) Happy Autumn!


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