Monday, January 19, 2009

Here it is... NEW STUFF!

Our old Herb Bead kit and booklet have sold out. At this point, having them reprinted would cost almost as much as we charge for them, so it's been on my mind for a while. Hundreds of them sold, and we still have a bunch of the Incense Kits. I thought they were a really neat idea - one that came to me specifically because the short leftover coils were being tossed from another job when I worked at the printer - no kidding. Bye-bye little kit. You were awesome!
So what did we come up with, you might ask? Well! If you're familiar with our series of short book(lets) that cover specific topics for about the same price as a magazine - you know what we did! The booklet is crammed with the gleanings of scores of beadmaking sessions and classes. I've learned a lot from students over the years, and so the reader gets the benefit of all of those conversations and experiments. Find the book and bead powders HERE
Additionally, we are making the Botanical Bead Powders for separate purchase. Right now you can choose from 6 different varieties, and that number may grow depending on demand. With the powders, you just add liquid and string your beads on a wire to dry. Everything is blended into the powder so that you get strong, durable berbal beads.
And guess what? We're having a contest too! Any purchase between Jan 15 and 31 has/will be entered into a drawing, with the winner getting a book and three of the powders! Enter today! Subscriptions and renewals DO count.


girlwithasword said...

these are just too fun. I'm gonna have to blog about them!!!

Tina Sams said...

Thanks, Maggie! Hope you don't mind if I added you as a source in the back of the book :-).

Laura said...

These look AWESOME!

herbs health said...

these are just too fun. I'm gonna have to blog about them!!!

Sandy said...

I am very intrigued about these beads! I have just found out about them. But are you telling me that the book and the bead kits are no longer available? BooHoo!! Is there any way at all to either get a kit or the book.


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