Friday, July 24, 2009

July 24, 2009 Friday Faves

Here it is, the end of the week and we're just getting it over with, right? Well probably not - lol. My experience is that herbies love each day and rarely wish them away.

I have a few cool links to share today....

The Hiker's Notebook is an incredible compendium of interesting natural and cultural facts about things you commonly see on the trails in the southern Appalachian Mountain region by William Needham. I don't remember where I got this link, but it is spectacular!
Blue Moon Herbals carries formulas that stir the soul, soothe the spirit & heal the body. Debbi Quinn is the proprietor, and if you get to meet her, she emanates a great vibe.
Harry Schwartz Eats the World is a collection of interesting tidbits that pass through Harry's head on the way to being digested. Always something interesting there.
(no that is not Truman Capote)

Finally, Gifts to Make has lots of little things to do and print-out to make them special.

I just noticed the crescent moon theme here. Well, let's go with that!


comfrey cottages said...

happy friday tina! thank you for the cool links!:)

~Herban Chica~ said...

beautiful blog. Great photos. love your writings.


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