Sunday, July 12, 2009

Oh my! Susan Wittig Albert's favorite recipes!

Just yesterday, we were talking about green tomatoes (Susan's green tomato pie) and tomato pies at our market. Today I noticed that Susan Wittig Albert posted a recipe on facebook for a tomato pie and asked for permssion to add it to the blog about our market and she graciously sent me this link: Please take a moment to look them over, because there are some stupendous doozies there among her favorites. Many are taken from her mystery series about herbalist China Bayles.

I've been wandering around with the camera again. This picture of sidewalk chalk made me smile. I went over to my friend Sarah's house, and was greeted with this artwork. Looks like grand daughter Ember was over for a visit.
Poppies!!! I've been trying unsuccessfully for years to get poppies to grow here. They must be pretty tasty, because the leaves would come up and quickly be gobbled down to the ground. This time I think I just put so many seeds out there that they couldn't eat them all. The orange ones didn't do much, although they did come up and set seed, so there is still hope for next year. These pink ones are everywhere, and they are lovely.This is just another view of the pink balloon flowers, showing how they open into large soft stars. Maryanne just got some of the deep blue ones. I'll probably be coveting them soon.The sun is starting to go down, and the pink glow hits the top of the exhinacea. I love that time of day, when everything looks so soft and peaceful.Out on the back deck at sunset. Here you can see the chamomile, the vitex, the meadow mint, elderberry... and way across the field you can barely make out the pink blossoms on the mimosa tree. I sit and look out over the fields, and watch the cloud formations overhead. There is nothing between me and the sky; I am so far up here on the hill. Sometimes the house is in the clouds.

It is a perfect end of a perfect day.


susanalbert said...

Looks like I gave you the wrong URL, Tina. The one in your blog is to a ripe-tomato main-dish pie. The green tomato dessert pie is here:
Both are yummy, and a great way to use those extra tomatoes!

Tina Sams said...

Oh darn! (heh heh ) guess I'll just have to add that link :-).

Laura said...

Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous! And that's not just the photographer ;) I always come to your blog for a taste of sumptuous visuals. Thank you for sharing these. The sidewalk shot was particularly cool.

Basil Becky said...

Great Blog!! Thanks for sharing!


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