Friday, April 09, 2010

Beautiful April Heat Wave

We're going to have another little show and tell - not so much because there is so much to tell, but because the weather has been astounding and everything is going crazy at one time. WAY early. Some of the things we're seeing are 4 or 5 weeks early.
I'm very proud to show off my blooming currants. First year blooms and there is so much out there for the bunnies and groundhogs to munch on, that they're leaving my fruit bushes alone! Yay - I may see some fruit this year.
Today we went to the Shenk's Ferry Wildflower Preserve.
I wrote about it several years ago. At that time, the various corydalis flowers like squirrel corn, white bleeding heart (oxymoron?), and dutchman's breeches had already pretty much finished up, and the things like phlox and wild geranium hadn't started yet.
HAH! Because of this bizarre weather, EVERYTHING is blooming at one time!

There are, quite literally fields of Virginia bluebells and white trillium. My camera wouldn't cooperate, and missed the blues of the phlox and geranium. The wild ginger was everywhere, blooming it's heart out, and there were even a few white trout lilies - which I've never seen before. The saxifrage was too small, and the Jack in the pulpit just didn't come out.
There were all sorts of violets, like this white one streaked with blue...And this group of white, purple and yellow...
The blue cohosh was abundant, and just getting ready to bloom. You can see some spring beauty or maybe toothwort in the background - both were all over.
Best of all, our friends Rob and Laura were here for the day and got to wander through this wonderland along with us. It was a magical day :-)

Afterwards we went to a little restaurant in Millersville called The Barn Door. We were famished from the walk and the food was delicious. Our server was delightful.
This is spring!

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PeggyR said...

Great pictures. I think you are getting what we had earlier in the week. Everything came out in 3 days...not normal! now we're back in the 60s which is more normal.


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