Thursday, April 15, 2010

I am NOT imagining this!

The other day I mentioned that there were figlets on my little tree. Now this is only the second spring for this brown turkey fig, so I wasn't sure if it was early. I *do* remember that last year I was sure it had died - until noticing that it was sending up new growth from the ground. These leaves and figs are growing from last year's growth.
The chives are something that I've grown for years. They typically are blooming over Mother's Day - which is 3 weeks away. Ahem.The currents, which are blooming for the first time this year (aren't they sweet???) are already setting fruit. So are the gooseberries, but not quite as fiercely.Not enough to convince you? Okay then... how about elderberry buds? Huh? How about THAT? That's right. One of my elderberries is already budding. It is an early variety, but come on - it's the middle of APRIL.
Just for kicks I snapped a shot of wild heartsease that grows everywhere in the fields and gardens and yards here. I'd never seen it growing wild until landing here, they are about 1/2 the size of violets. They really do lift your heart.
Next up, one of the three Concolor firs in the back yard has candles. That's the term for new growth on evergreen trees. A friend across the country sent me some special tree buds from her part of the worldand she and I have been plotting what we would do with these when they were ready. I'll be popping some in the mail tomorrow. In the meantime, I started a little oil. I can't capture the happy chartreuse, but it is probably the prettiest infusion I've ever seen.
So now I'm wondering how this summer is going to go. Does this mean I'll have a great fig harvest? All kinds of fruit that struggles to ripen in this area will do ok? Or will we have frost and it will be moot?
These are the things that make life interesting, eh? If every year on the exact same date we would have the exact same temperature... or if it was always clear what to do to remain safe... yawn!

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comfrey cottages said...

does it seem to you that most things seem to be coming on a bit early this year tina? i was in the field and woods with dylan today and our ephemerals are already starting to fade in some spots, while the evening primrose, mulleins and other summertime plants seem MUCH bigger than usual for april. those concolor firs are really amazing looking! i love those wild heartease! i have not seen those here, but who knows they might be in a spot i just haven't searched;-) getting a workout this spring toting 2 year old dylan over hill, creeks and what-not! lol some evenings my thigh muscles protest loudly! lol


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