Monday, July 26, 2010

Late July in Lancaster County

We are continuing with the early season here. Lots of surprises and oddities. Yesterday there was an immense storm that I watched from the basement, leaning on the banister - which I could feel moving because of the high winds.The Munstead lavender is already having a vigorous second bloom, something we don't see typically for another few weeks. There is a lot more than usual too.
Fuller's teasel is everywhere, and I'm starting to see more of the white blooms which used to only be in neighboring counties.
The hibiscus is full of pollen for the bees...
And the butterflies have FINALLY made it to my house!
The deliciously fragrant moonflowers are very early this year, and have climbed halfway up one of the living room windows, scenting the room in the darkness.

The main vegetable garden is holding its own against the weeds, but in fairness, this is a few days old and has quite a few more weeds. Tonight I will work on them.
Elderberries are already ripening.
The holy basil is on a mission to bloom. I am on a daily mission to keep it from doing so.

The book should be here within an hour or so, and we'll be just about ready to swap the books for the magazine file - so that will be ready in another week or so and another spectacular issue will go into the mail for Sept/Oct.
This is the first really moderate day we've had in weeks, with temps in the 80's and low humidity. What am I doing inside?


simplysandi said...

Lovely... I wish it were in the 80's here in Texas. It was 102 earlier, but we are getting some rain right now, so I think the temp has dropped down to the 80's... until it stops, then back to humidity and 100 degrees.. loving the fresh rain air right now.

Nancy Bauer said...

Tina, I was watching the swallowtails on my butterfly bush last evening and wondering if they had shown up at your place yet...glad to hear they did! We have had bad drought here so things are pretty stunted, everything has bloomed but the flowers don't last long in the heat and burning sun....finally cooler and some rain today:)

Laura said...

Lovely! A taste of heaven!

Ishrath said...

I have never seen those spiraling moon flowers ever. Thanks for sharing.


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