Monday, July 12, 2010

A New Book from The Essential Herbal!

It's been in the works for a l-o-o-o-n-g time. I can't even remember when we really started putting it together, but probably at least 2 years ago. Recipes and ideas were tucked away, waiting until life cleared the decks for us to get back to this.So I'm very excited to be getting ready to release this new book.
Balms & Salves - How to and Recipes is available for pre-order on or before July 18 at a discount. After that, it will go to the regular price, and also be available wholesale.
Over the last 20 or so years, we've created, concocted, or picked up recipes, played with them, changed them, and perfected them to our own liking. We standardized all the measurements so that they would be easy for everyone to make in small quantities - and they're easy enough to double (or more) if it turns out you love them.
Rosanne Tartaro contributed information on essential oils and base oils. Maryanne Schwartz wrote about butters. There is a section on infusing, and another on the herbs that are used in the recipes. We also have a section where our friends sent their instructions and recipes for their favorite concoctions.
Be sure to check it out. It's a great little book!


Sierra Snow Soaps said...

Oh boy, I know what I am getting myself for my dear daughter's birthday! The book sounds wonderful!
Michelle in NV

Tina Sams said...

order it this week to get the discount, Michelle!

Lorie said...

Another must have that I will be ordering for my family!

Lorie in PA

PeggyR said...

I would like to order this!

*Ulrike* said...

I need to get this and also your magazine.


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